There are a number of ERP software solutions available in the UK, Microsoft Business Solutions have Dynamics AX2012 with the new Dynamics AX 2012 soon to be released. There's also Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Other ERP systems include IFS, IFS is a component base ERP system, as is Syspro and Epicore. There’s Dynamics AX HR Consultant. Sage have several Sage products. Navision, Axapta and Great Plains were forerunners of Dynamics. SSA, Infor, Swan and System21 are ERP names that some will recognises as well as Oracle and SAP. A lot of consolidation has occurred in the ERP market and its forecast that only the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will have the financial stability to stave off take over. Axapta vacancies, Dynamics AX vacancies, Hosted ERP, software as a service, Axapta Online,

AXSoftware and Microsoft Dynamics AX


AXSoftware is a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics AX company, no other products cloud or obscure our vision which is why many of our peers come to AX Software when they have a specialised need or requirement. Put simply few companies have our breadth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Dynamics AX.

Specialising in the supply, implementation and support of Dynamics AX our consultants come from a diverse range of industries with many years experience of the ERP market place and of course Dynamics AX2012.


Industry specialists from accounting, supply chain, human resource (HR), manufacturing, project and service management disciplines ensure that your implementation is driven not just by the software but also by best practice. A pragmatic yet professional, common sense approach to implementation, ensures a rapid and efficient return on the investment you make in your business system. We pride ourselves in the longstanding relationships we endeavor to cultivate with our clients to the mutual benefit of both parties and in the spirit of a true partnership.


Building Partnerships


Microsoft have approached the ERP market in a new and refreshing way, by using a network of partner companies to sell their software and services they have opened up a traditionally restricted ERP market providing the user with choice, this has led to better value, improved service and importantly afforded a greater level of security to the end user.


You do not have to be dependent on any single software company who can charge what they want, when they want to a captive user base. No longer do you have the worry that should a software company fail you are left unsupported. Indeed the consolidation that has seen many software companies small and large become the subject of take over after take over, or even closure has resulted primarily because in today’s technology led market - their own ERP solutions simply cannot compete with the likes of Dynamics 2012.


With a network of Microsoft Partner companies such as AX Software there are many who are capable of stepping in to help and that is why building a partnership is so important to us. We want to grow and retain our customer base and that is best achieved by forming a close partnership with our customers to the benefit of both parties.


Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 is termed a life time solution not just because it has a roadmap of development out stripping any of it’s rivals but also because it is intended to become a business solution of choice. Why if you follow the upgrade path, should you ever need to change your business solution again? The answer is that you shouldn’t and with the focus and investment Microsoft are making in Dynamics AX this will become a reality much the same as can be seen with Microsoft’s other products and technologies.


Dynamics AX is a sophisticated ERP business application, it is a tool that can provide your organisation with a competitive advantage in a fiercly competitive global economy. To implement any modern business application you need training and it should never be under estimated the amount of effort this entails on your part as well as ours. Only when you have a thorough appreciation of Dynamics AX are you likely to gain from all the considerable benefits Dynamics has to offer you. 


Thus when we partner with a company we never knowingly underestimate the need for a thorough and rigorous regime of Dynamics AX consultancy and training. Businesses have to understand how Dynamics works, they have to take ownership of the solution and the best and most efficient way of doing this is committing the necessary resources fully in order to get the most from world's leading business software.