There are a number of ERP software solutions available in the UK, Microsoft Business Solutions have Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, look at IFS, IFS, IFS component base software, Syspro and Epicore have enjoyed popularity and there’s a number of Sage systems available. Sage have several Sage products. Navision, Axapta and Great Plains were forerunners of Dynamics. SSA, Infor, Swan and System21 are solution names that some will recognises as well as Oracle and SAP. A lot of consolidation has occurred in the ERP market and its forecast that only the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will have the financial stability to stave off take over. Axapta vacancies, Dynamics AX vacancies, Hosted ERP, ERP as a service, Axapta Online,

Core Microsoft Dynamics AX Components


Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta®) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with multi-currency, multi-language and global capabilities. It will support your business whether it’s large, medium or small.


AX is a component based modular business solution, you select those features you require and pay for a license to use them, user licenses are also bought and used on a concurrent basis (concurrent users - you may have 100 users defined on the system but if you bought 60 user licenses, then 60 is the total number of users who can access the system at any one time).

Dynamics AX Manufacturing

Graphical bill of material designer with version control

MRPII compliant supply and demand processing

Finite and infinite capacity and materials planning

Job scheduling and sequencing

Resource management

Shop floor management

Production order management with job costing

Product configuration


Dynamics AX Human Resource

Organisational charts and employee registration

Skills mapping and recruitment

Employees self service websites

Business process management


Dynamics AX Customer Relationship Management

Sales force and marketing automation

Telemarketing and questionnaires

Sales management

Customer self service websites

Computer telephone integration

Document management


Dynamics AX Service management

Call outs

Service orders

Service schedules and maintenance contracts

Project integration

Dynamics AX Financial Management

Financial management with dimensions

Inter-company accounting and consolidation

Complete journal audit trail to transaction origin


Dynamics AX Distribution

Multi-site warehouse management

Inventory management with dimensions

Order handling with trade agreements

Order Promising

Item and lot number reservation and tracking


Dynamics AX Supply chain management

Demand forecasting

Inter-company trade

Procurement Management

Partner self service websites

Performance monitoring

Electronic information exchange


Dynamics AX Project management

Project types and hierarchies

Project finance and invoicing

Consultant self-service websites


Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal
Cost Effective Connectivity
Empower Employees
Connect to Customers & Suppliers
Role based tailored users


Further Information

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