There are a number of ERP software solutions available in the UK, Microsoft Business Solutions have Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, look at IFS, IFS, IFS component base software, Syspro and Epicore have enjoyed popularity and there’s a number of Sage systems available. Sage have several Sage products. Navision, Axapta and Great Plains were forerunners of Dynamics. SSA, Infor, Swan and System21 are solution names that some will recognises as well as Oracle and SAP. A lot of consolidation has occurred in the ERP market and its forecast that only the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will have the financial stability to stave off take over. Axapta vacancies, Dynamics AX vacancies, Hosted ERP, ERP as a service, Axapta Online,

Dynamics AX as a Hosted ERP Service


Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta®) does not have to be bought as an on-premise solution - with a high speed broadband connection you can access your own fully secure company environment on a ‘pay as you use’ basis from anywhere in the world simply over the internet.


This ASP (Application Service Provider) often referred to as ‘software as a service’ or ‘hosted ERP’ approach is ideal for smaller businesses or companies with a large number of branches who wish to use a leading ERP software package but do not necessarily have the in-house skills or infrastructure to support such a solution.


This approach removes much of the initial costs associated with the out right purchase of software and hardware, you pay on a monthly basis for those components or modules you require. If you do not use a module and have no data in it you do not get invoiced, this has considerable benefits for smaller companies who need the functionality of a world class ERP solution but do not have the budget normally associated with such a solution.

Dynamics AX for Accountants


AX Online has benefits to accountancy practices and book keepers in that an accountant/book keeper looking after the interests of their clients can remotely manage the financial elements of AX for however many clients they have. The client meanwhile has a limited view of just their own company environment and data, from there they can manage their own supply, manufacturing and distribution processes.


This offers benefits particularly to the smaller company or organisation who may not have their own financial persons on site and who still rely on third party persons.


This practice is common place on the continent and is growing in popularity within the UK, accountants in effect can maintain and service their client base without having to exchange documentation, they are in effect working on the same system as their clients in a controlled and very secure environment with out the hassle of backups, disaster recovery procedures or day to day system maintenance.

From as low as £95 per user per month


Subject to minimum contract term and functionality required.


Subscription based ERP solutions are often referred to as ‘software as a service’ or ‘hosted ERP’ Axapta Online is now called Dynamics AX by Microsoft Business Solutions but is in fact the same core product.



Core Benefits - No need to:

  • Expend large amounts of capital at the outset
  • Purchase and manage an in-house server
  • Install and manage software upgrades and versions with associated cost implications
  • Be responsible for security
  • Retain annual service and maintenance contracts on hardware and operating systems
  • Manage networks or worry about remote access to the system - it’s just a broadband connection