There are a number of ERP software solutions available in the UK, Microsoft Business Solutions have Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, look at IFS, IFS, IFS component base software, Syspro and Epicore have enjoyed popularity and there’s a number of Sage systems available. Sage have several Sage products. Navision, Axapta and Great Plains were forerunners of Dynamics. SSA, Infor, Swan and System21 are solution names that some will recognises as well as Oracle and SAP. A lot of consolidation has occurred in the ERP market and its forecast that only the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will have the financial stability to stave off take over. Axapta vacancies, Dynamics AX vacancies, Hosted ERP, ERP as a service, Axapta Online,

AX Software and Partner Companies


Choosing the right partner and forming a value added strategic alliance, is a vitally important decision for any business. This is especially true when it comes to both providing and selecting sophisticated business critical software solutions.


AX Software became a Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) partner after extensively researching the ERP market in search of another business solution to add to its online ASP offering. It became apparent however that no other organisation was able to provide the depth and scale of development, support and financial stability as offered by Microsoft. This was a deciding factor which underpinned AX Software’s choice in selecting Microsoft Business Solutions as a partner.


Microsoft Business Solutions


Microsoft Business Solutions have three mainstream business solutions which were re-branded under the prefix of Dynamics in 2006. These solutions were Great Plains, Navision and Axapta, after the re-branding these were referred to as Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Dynamics AX (Axapta).


Dynamics AX was the youngest of the three solutions and was developed with advanced layered technology, was highly scalable and had functionality non existent in the other Microsoft products. These were the main reasons why AX Software decided to base its core business around Dynamics AX - it was and is the ERP solution most likely to beat the competition in the highly contested mid-market SME sector.


Generally Dynamics AX is perceived as the higher end business solution however its unique flexibility opens up the entire SME market place, this flexibility allows it to scale from the smallest of businesses to the largest and now it is in use in over 6000 businesses world wide.


With UK and world wide sales exceeding 40% again this last MS financial year the unprecedented growth of Dynamics AX continues in a market which is only growing at 3.5% per annum - is this not reason enough for you to look more closely at AX?


AX Software formed a sister company NV Software to service the large Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) user base in 2007. Dynamics NAV has been and continues to be a popular mid range solution and is particularly suited to specialist markets where bespoked developments have created several unique vertical solutions attractive to certain industries. 


Equally with Axapta Online being supported by Europe’s largest Dynamics AX service hosting company, AX Software have selected a partner with unrivalled expertise and experience within this field. Over 2000 companies enjoy the benefits of Axapta Online throughout the UK and Europe.


With maintenance and upgrades all being handled by us, you have no server worries, no security or disaster recover strategies you have to consider as it’s looked after by our teams of IT experts on a monthly fee basis.


This type of service is often referred to as hosted ERP, software as a service, subscription based ERP or ASP and offers an alternative approach to having your own on-premise ERP business solution.


Info Holdings are our African implementation and support partners. Based in Zambia they have a long established history of deliverying database applications into many businesses and governmental organisations.