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Enterprise Portal


With Dynamics AX you have a business solution that can be exposed over the internet via it's web enterprise portal. Not only does this provide an alternative route into your business system but also a highly cost effective way of disseminating information amongst your customers, suppliers and your own personnel.


With its own design and configuration tool, a portal can be configured around your own requirements, no third party products are involved the functionality all being native Dynamics AX 2009.


The new concept of a Role Centre was introduced with Dynamics AX 2009. Microsoft identified over 30 different roles and designed functionality around each which was based on extensive research from user groups. 


Apart from speeding up the process of deployment and user training, these roles include business intelligence reports, predefined data cubes and KPI displays, features which are normally available only after a lot of configuration and development. These 'out of the box'  features are ground breaking advances for an ERP business system and furthermore with user tools they can be tuned to meet the exact needs of the user, in effect Dynamics AX can become the first application you sign into when you get to work - as everything can reside within your role centre.


Fig 2. Click to enlarge.


Fig 1. Click to enlarge.



Fig 2 demonstrates the configurability of the Dynamics AX portal interface, in this example data from several Dynamics AX modules is being displayed using a variety of standard report and display tools. A link to an external RSS news feed is a simple example of interfacing to another system, more complex interfaces can be incorporated into a portal using standard Microsoft technologies to communicate efficiently with other systems and data sources bringing them all together within one view.


This flexibility and the ability to display transactional as well as graphical data using standard tools in the Dynamics AX Portal can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your users. A portal can be tailored providing a personalised view of your ERP system which can become your first point of enquiry into Dynamics. As the source of the data is all Dynamics AX a user can drill down to the underlying information to investigate further if required.


The Dynamics Enterprise Portal can also be a highly cost effective means of deploying Dynamics AX throughout your business. With a lower cost per seat than the standard AX client interface and with intuitive browser navigation reducing the training overhead many organisations utilise the enterprise portal for their high level and casual users.