There are a number of ERP software solutions available in the UK, Microsoft Business Solutions have Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, look at IFS, IFS, IFS component base software, Syspro and Epicore have enjoyed popularity and there’s a number of Sage systems available. Sage have several Sage products. Navision, Axapta and Great Plains were forerunners of Dynamics. SSA, Infor, Swan and System21 are solution names that some will recognises as well as Oracle and SAP. A lot of consolidation has occurred in the ERP market and its forecast that only the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will have the financial stability to stave off take over. Axapta vacancies, Dynamics AX vacancies, Hosted ERP, ERP as a service, Axapta Online,

Why Switch to Dynamics AX?


Many companies just before the turn of the century made large investments in their ERP solutions and now many of these systems are more than a decade old. The age of these systems generally means that they are presenting barriers to the speedy and effective dissemination of information throughout the business and your wider supply chain of customers and suppliers.


Many of these older ERP solutions have been discontinued or suffer from limited support, others have changed ownership, some several times. As software vendors struggle to keep up with the technology led changes that are leading to ever more efficient ways of communicating with your users, customers and suppliers more and more of these older ERP systems will fall by the wayside or become the target of investment companies simply wishing to ’milk their user base’ with no real intention of developing these outdated business systems.


Familiarity. Microsoft Dynamics AX looks like and works like other Microsoft software that users may be familiar with. Whether working with Microsoft Dynamics AX or the Microsoft Office system, users get a consistent, familiar experience and you can maximize your investment in Microsoft technology


Industry support. You want a business management solution that provides for the specific needs you face in your industry. Microsoft Dynamics AX, together with Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions and independent software vendor (ISV)-developed add-ons, delivers rich functionality that spans key areas of your business management requirements.


Adaptable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to reduce the time needed to maintain an existing solution and to adapt a solution to changing business needs. You need a solution with low total cost of ownership (TCO), and Microsoft Dynamics AX provides one of the lowest TCO models in the industry. The Microsoft mass market model helps reduce the cost of development and maintenance, which further lowers the TCO of your installation.


Deploy on your terms. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed with an architecture that makes it easier for you to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX in stages—such as if you want to roll out Microsoft Dynamics AX to new divisions before deploying it to the rest of the company. And Microsoft Dynamics AX can also be implemented in subsidiary or satellite sites and linked to a centralized headquarters finance system, such as for mixed-mode manufacturers and distributors.


Strong partner ecosystem. Microsoft Dynamics AX is supported by a broad network of solution and implementation partners.


Reporting and BI are built in. With today's increased scrutiny due to Sarbanes-Oxley and other corporate governance requirements, you need robust business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities. Business users and information technology (IT) staff benefit from the built-in reporting and BI in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Business users can perform queries, create reports, track business performance, analyze data, and share conclusions.


Clear road map. Microsoft Dynamics AX is part of a well-designed road map. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 provides a roles-based user experience, service-oriented architecture, and a common client technology that works like and with the Microsoft Office system. Future releases are expected to provide a model-driven approach to business processes that draws on the power of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.


Long-term support and enhancement. Microsoft has committed to enhance and support today's business management solutions until at least 2013, and will provide a clear upgrade path to future technologies. In addition, Microsoft offers a minimum of five years of mainstream support for each major release.




Microsoft Dynamics AX is a compelling and attractively priced solution to companies now facing a technological crossroad and who need to update their legacy systems.